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A united front …

Australia’s first Boer goat stud, Terraweena, and Macgregors Boer Goat Stud are now run and managed together.  The united stud is known as “TerraMac”.  The biggest advantage we can offer our customers is that we are not in competition with each other.  Any animal we recommend, regardless of whether it is identified as Terraweena or Macgregors, will be the best for you, the customer.

TerraMac is primarily operated by three family members (Celia, Fleur and Emma) with each being responsible for different areas of the business.  We could not manage the operation as successfully, without the support of our husbands – Geof, Terry and Peter.

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Based a short distance from Toowoomba, Queensland, we enjoy the benefit of having our animals located across two properties.  These properties are just south of Toowoomba on the beautiful Darling Downs.  We consistently breed quality animals who are meaty, lengthy, hardy and stylish.  These animals are derived from “tried and tested” genetics and continue to enhance Boer goat flocks, both in Australia and overseas.

As well as supplying stud animals, we also provide advice and assistance to those farmers (large and small) who wish to breed Boer goats or Boer crosses, whether for stud and/or showing purposes or for meat purposes – either for their own consumption or to sell.

Our Stock

Happy stock ~ happy farmer …

We pride ourselves on the quality and welfare of our stock.  We breed for meat and produce healthy and content animals with length, meat and style.

To protect against predators we have a number of “guardians” on each property.  Using alpacas and Maremma dogs, we offer the best protection we can for our animals.

We have now completed our kidding for 2012 and are delighted with the crop of kids!  Resulting from natural matings, embryo transfer and artificial insemination these kids are a combination of “old favourites”, proven combinations and exciting new genetics.  Planning is well underway for our 2013 kidding.

We have now introduced a new policy of not allowing does to raise more than 2 kids, with surplus kids being hand-raised.  This was a management decision which has proven to work well in a stud of our size.

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The does were relieved they only had two children to look after, the kids on their mums were pleased there wasn’t too much competition for food and the bottle babies grew out well and enjoyed dominating their own paddock on one of the properties.

Super Sires

Powerful performers equal profit …
W e have semen immediately available from a number of our top sires.  Each buck is a proven sire in their own right who consistently pass their exceptional traits on to their progeny.Semen straws sell for AUD$100 each + GST.  Discounts may apply for volume orders.
Staying ahead …
F ertility of our Boers is not in doubt.  Our breeding nucleus is proven to have excellent fertility and reliable mothering abilities.  Our policy is to maintain the strengths we already have, while selectively infusing new bloodlines complementary to our breeding direction.  With our focus on meat, hardiness and style, we dedicate our energy to strategic selection of genetics that enhance our flock and allow us to “stay ahead”.