Terramac combines the best of the Terraweena and Macgregors Boer goat studs. The ancestry of the animals can be traced back to eminent South African bloodlines.

Our goal is to produce an animal which is proven suitable for the environment in which it runs and the purpose for which a breeder intends to use it.

Our philosophy is to manage the stud with the welfare of the stock always the major consideration and to market our stock to serious Boer goat breeders whom we believe will manage and market the stock similarly and for the benefit of the industry generally as well as their own.

Our management style is to handle the animals quietly, with due respect, and to use only necessary chemical intervention. The animals are fed, vaccinated and treated for parasites according to the latest industry advice.

Terramac is a lifestyle as well as a business. Whilst seeking to achieve the above, we also enjoy the indulgence of wandering amongst the stock and taking pleasure in their considerable individual charm and in our breeding achievements.

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